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Public Figures Securing the Services of a Dentist in Los Angeles

    Many individuals may not like themselves for one reason or other; one of these reasons would be their crooked or discolored teeth which make them look ugly when they smile or open their mouth.  This is especially true in Los Angeles, the city of lights and with vibrant happenings; the fashion hub demands a high standard on not just the celebrities and rich and famous but also on the average residents of Los Angeles.


It is not surprising to have average Los Angeles residents wanting to look as radiant as the Hollywood stars whose smiles dazzle with whiteness and evenness. Society in Los Angeles expect their movie star idols and famous celebrities in the entertainment industry and fashion world to model the best of physical presentation from the top of their head to the tips of their toes.

Hence, when the Hollywood celebrities are in the spotlight, they are expected to put on their best smile showing off their pearly white and even teeth. Celebrities are expected to have perfect teeth which lead on to the mushrooming of dentists in Los Angeles.

Public figures

All celebrities and the affluent have no hesitation in securing the services of any skilled and qualified dentist in Los Angeles. Many would engage only the best dentist to enjoy regular assistance in their personal oral hygiene in order to upkeep their public image. These personal dentists of celebrities and the affluent would make house calls or concentrate on each celebrity or renowned individual personally with the best care and service.

Charges may be exorbitant especially to the average consumer but construed as necessary and value for money by the rich and famous as they have to upkeep their image. These Los Angeles dentists who are specially hired by the rich and famous would use the best tools and resources to give the best oral hygiene and dental presentation to their client. Hence, teeth whitening, crowning, veneers, implants and white fillings are part of the dental treatment considerations by the dentists.

These public figures would make time to visit their special dentist or have them make house calls regularly. Some may insist on the personal dental services of the Los Angeles dentist prior to a public appearance or photo shoots to ensure a perfect picture that would probably be made public worldwide. Thus, many dentists in Los Angeles enjoy a lucrative business if they offer good services.

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Availability of Emergency Dentistry Options

    Nobody likes an emergency; there would probably be pain, anxiety, stress and a sense of urgency. There are emergency dentistry needs that a consumer can experience. These could be in the form of intense pain with a tooth; accidents involving the mouth and teeth; chipped and broken tooth; postoperative discomfort. And perhaps it happens when the dental clinics are closed as in after office hours, weekends or public holidays.


It is indeed very trying on the consumer who experiences a dental emergency. Excruciating toothache is felt with no relief from the normal doses of painkillers. Great discomfort causes the consumer uneasiness in the daily operations.

One can try calling the regular dentist who may be available for an emergency dental treatment if the emergency number has been secured beforehand. Not all dentists offer an emergency number for quick dental relief as many are overworked and want their off days too.

The Internet is a great source to secure one or more emergency dentists around the neighborhood. It may be that the patient may need to make their way to the emergency clinic if house calls are not accepted.

A last resort would be to proceed to the hospital where the doctor in charge would make the necessary calls to the associated dentists if it is an urgent emergency as in the case of an accident.

Special occasions

There may be some odd occasions where an emergency dental treatment may be required such as a chipped or loose tooth before an important occasion like a wedding. It is necessary to call in the dentist to fix the tooth before walking down the aisle.

It could also be an important trip that one has to make over the weekend when some tooth gives trouble. A constantly increasing throbbing sensation that distracts one from rest or concentration on any matter requires an emergency dental treatment to ease the discomfort prior to the trip.

Graduations, company functions and other public appearances are special occasions when one needs some immediate dental attention. Hence, it is always handy to keep the contact number of a dentist who is willing to serve during emergencies. The cost may be higher than normal but the relief is a higher priority.

Traditional methods

There are consumers who would resort to traditional methods of relieving pain than to seek emergency dentistry treatment. Many resort to high dosages of pain killers to relieve the pain or gargle with antiseptic solution hoping to kill off the bacteria. Some resort to pulling their hurting tooth by hook or by crook on their own.

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The Whole Works on Los Angeles Dental Implants

    There are millions of residents in Los Angeles and its outskirts. Every other person seems to be a movie star or some celebrity in the rich and famous circles. It is not surprising to bump into one or more celebrities around town and want to take a photograph with these. Hence, Los Angeles residents and visitors are always on the lookout for a great moment with their celebrity idol. Many would want to flash a great big white smile on their faces to capture the momentous occasion. Thus, Los Angeles dental implants are favorable amongst those who plan to have some great pictures with their favorite stars.


Dental implants are becoming more common among Los Angeles consumers today where one or more missing teeth can be replaced to give a great smile. There are many qualified and skilled dental implant dentists around Los Angeles to assist any consumer wishing for great smiles and high self confidence.

Dental implant procedures in Los Angeles may take about 3 or 4 months on the lower jaw while 6 months may be required for restoration on the upper jaw where there may be more complexity. There are two phases involved in Los Angeles dental implant treatments; surgical phase and prosthetic phase. The first phase prepares the gum to receive the prosthesis while the second phase fits the prosthesis.


Once the dental implants are correctly fitted, they would integrate well with the rest of the mouth to offer a normal functioning of chewing, biting and eating. There should not be unusual sensations that arise from these normal functions.

However, good personal care and maintenance should be exercised on the implant prosthesis.  Dental implants are fabricated appliances that may be wonders of engineering; but they are subject to wear and tear as would normal teeth with enamel. Hence, it is necessary to exercise good maintenance to the dental implants to avoid accumulation of dental plaque. Plaque is an attractive breeding ground for mouth bacteria as in normal teeth. With dental implants, plaque should be removed twice a day to avoid possible periodontal or peri-implant disease.

Combat steps

The right tools and approaches should be undertaken to combat periodontal diseases caused by lack of oral hygiene with dental implants. Los Angeles dentists recommend a proper training or education on good oral hygiene techniques to the dental implant patients to care for their prosthesis. Regular visits to the dentist for check ups are strongly recommended.

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Tooth Whitening Options in Los Angeles

A lot of consumers are hesitant to smile due to discolored teeth. This could be a result from heavy smoking or poor oral hygiene. However, there is now a simple smile improvement solution with tooth whitening options especially in the vibrant and progressive city of Los Angeles.


There are many qualified tooth whitening dentists in Los Angeles town who can offer several tooth whitening options for greater smiles with whiter teeth. Most consumers desire whiter teeth as they feel awkward with people noticing their discolored or off-white colored teeth. Whitening of the teeth is easy and becoming very popular as consumers desire a more confident smile.

The currently available teeth whitening solutions include laser whitening. This is also called the chair-side whitening which takes about an hour where some special gel is applied to every tooth to be whitened. Then laser is activated onto these teeth; the process breaks down the coloration on the teeth to give whiter teeth.

Another tooth whitening procedure is the home whitening procedure; as the term implies, this tooth whitening procedure can be done at home with customized solutions. This option of tooth whitening may be slower but more private for consumers who do not want to visit the dentist or be embarrassed with the whitening process.

Some may choose dental bleaching option which is regarded as safe and inexpensive as well as effective. However, this simple cosmetic dental treatment may not satisfy all users who hold high expectations of results. Bleached teeth cannot be as white as white paper which would make one look unnatural.


There are many reasons for choosing a whitening procedure for the teeth; the main reason could be that many consumers feel a rise in self confidence and a boost to their self esteem when they don a whiter smile. Other consumers may choose to whiten their teeth for some special occasion like their wedding, a reunion or birthday. There is always a good reason to whiten one’s teeth to feel good about one self.

Moreover, the tooth whitening procedure is not a painful process; neither is it expensive that one cannot afford it. There is always the dental insurance which can help cover some, if not all, the cost. Anyone can look as good as the movie stars or any Hollywood celebrity and feel like one with great white teeth.

With the right diet and healthy oral hygiene, anyone can have great white teeth with the many whitening options that are affordable to suit the preferred lifestyle.

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The Best Dental Veneers

Dental veneers have become part of cosmetic dentistry that many consumers may want even if they do not have even white teeth. It could be a natural phenomenon that their teeth grow unevenly or that they are heavy smokers. Some consumers could have chipped their teeth or have currently poor bridgework. Dental veneers can restore the beauty of an individual with such teeth conditions. Los Angeles has many qualified and skilled dentists who are well equipped with the right tools and resources to undertake a dental veneer treatment successfully.

Function of veneers

The more common type of dental veneers would be the porcelain laminate veneers. These are very effective in creating a more beautiful smile with white even teeth. There is a very minimal reduction of the tooth; it is quite a conservative tooth restoration approach compared to a crown.

Moreover, Los Angeles dentists who are experts in dental veneers are skilled and experienced in altering the tooth position, color, size and shape. Dental veneers are effective in restoring tooth abnormalities when the right Los Angeles dental provider knows how to handle the procedure well.

Caution over veneers

Although dental veneer treatments require a removal of a minimal 0.5mm off the tooth in treatment, this is an irreversible treatment. There may not be any administration of local anesthetics in dental veneers treatment but this can be requested by those who are particularly sensitive to pain.

It takes about a week for the dental veneers to be fabricated; hence, the patient needs to wait for that period before visiting the dental veneer dentist again for a fitting. There is no temporary restoration fabricated during that waiting period which might cause some embarrassment to the patient in public.

Some inconveniences in between treatments may be encountered; hot and cold sensitivities may be heightened as the tooth is now more exposed to the environment. The fitting of dental veneers may take longer than the first treatment visit due to the procedure involved. Patience is to be exercised for the best results.


Dental veneers that are well fitted by qualified, experienced and skilled Los Angeles dentists would last a long time as the veneer laminates are extremely strong; they can resist most normal diet forces. However, caution must still be exercised in using the dental veneers as the veneer porcelain has poor tensile strength.

Some chewing or biting exercises should not be undertaken such as biting pistachio nuts or bones. Good maintenance of the dental veneers would make the piece last longer.

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Insurance on Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people may shirk at the term ‘cosmetic dentistry’ as they associate it with pain and endless drilling but with today’s advanced technology, one can minus off these inhibitions to enjoy the final results; attractive and even white teeth. Others may think that it is expensive to consider cosmetic dentistry especially in Los Angeles where the standard and cost of living are higher than most cities in the world.

Insurance Policies

However, there are insurance plans on dental care which can cover cosmetic dentistry and other dental treatment. The market offers a host of dental insurance which can cover a range of dental services for all strata of society. No one needs to feel that proper dental care is out of their reach today with the plethora of dental insurance available.

There are basic dental plans which cover the basic dental treatments which all individuals need; these include regular checking and flossing. There are more elaborate dental plans which include more sophisticated dental treatments such as crowning, veneers and bridges.

There are low and high premiums with the different types of insurance schemes. Some insurance schemes that include cosmetic dentistry can be quite affordable with some assistance.

Insurance Sources

There are many good sources for cosmetic dental insurance. The local government has a budget for its citizens to undertake cosmetic dental treatment; some of the recipients of this bursary include the orphans, elderly and handicapped.

There are a growing number of companies that are exercising good corporate social responsibility; these companies foot out a large sum to benefit their employees with great dental care through appropriate dental insurance. While some companies have various dental schemes for different levels of employees, a myriad of dental treatment can be enjoyed by the employees; some enjoy special discounts on cosmetic dental treatment if the full cost is not borne by their company.

There are many philanthropists who do not mind forking out their money for some categories of people who need financial assistance in cosmetic dental treatments. There are also many NGOs that would cater to a good cause on individuals with a cosmetic dental need such as accident or burnt victims.

Dental care

Dental care is growing more expensive over time. It is advisable to commence some dental insurance plan even if one is working as the company may not offer the full benefits of dental treatment. Additional insurances will allow the consumer in Los Angeles to undertake cosmetic dentistry treatments when the need arises.

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The Availability of a Dentist in Los Angeles

Los Angles is a very popular city in the U.S. with its many attractive offerings; there is the latest fashion, lifestyle, business opportunities, celebrities and hot entertainment. Anyone can bump into a celebrity on the streets of Los Angeles anytime of the day or night. Hence, it is common for many Los Angeles residents to have great smiles when they meet and greet their favorite Hollywood stars.

Cosmetic restorations

It is not surprising then to find a host of dentists in Los Angeles who are ready to assist the city’s residents and visitors to have a great smile ready for their favorite celebrity. One must also consider the possibility of being caught live on television in a plethora of opportunities such as a music concert, the red carpet or a pub bash where there might be celebrities present with the mass media close behind.

These reasons are enough to convince many Los Angeles residents and visitors to consult a dentist in Los Angeles for some smile makeovers. Many city folks have no qualms on certain cosmetic restorations to feel good in looking good on camera or as good as their celebrity idol.

Self esteem

Although it should not be so, many average consumers do not like what they see in the mirror; they wish they looked better especially when they smile or open their mouth. They want better looking teeth as they feel conscious about others focusing on their teeth when they smile, eat, talk or laugh. Many Los Angeles residents develop a low self esteem when they do not have as white teeth as their celebrity idol.

They would not hesitate to seek out a qualified dentist in Los Angeles to correct their crooked set of teeth or chipped tooth. Heavy smokers find it embarrassing to smile as their yellowed teeth from their over indulgence in smoking create a negative impression to observers.

Dental services

Qualified Los Angeles dentists have the skills, knowledge, tools and resources in re-establishing the self-esteem of consumers. The professional dental providers are available in this great city to improve the dental appearance of anyone who wants to have better smiles and self confidence.

Their services include whitening of teeth, cleaning, filling, extraction, crowning, veneers or bridges. The best dental services would be extended to the consumer depending on the individual need. Some dental treatments may be simple while others may need a couple of visits using the latest dental tools such as lasers or surgeries.

For more information on dentist in los angeles visit Los Angeles dentist- Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS 443 N. Larchmont Blvd La Ca 90004 at 323 467 2777

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Get Rid of Emergency Dental Problems With Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies are common and sometimes unavoidable. Emergency dental care is an important part of the daily schedule of any dentist. While periodontal problem is the most widespread reason for seeking emergency intervention, dental emergencies also arise due to dental trauma following an accident. When a sudden dental problem occurs, do not panic. Maintain your calm and rush to your dentist’s clinic. And in case, a sharp toothache strikes in an unearthly hour or when you are on a vacation, try some time tested home remedies that can provide temporary relief from the dental problem.

Emergency dental care at home for toothache

If you ignored your oral health for a prolonged period, then you have a higher risk of developing periodontal problems that may lead to toothache, gum inflammation, bleeding gum and other dental problems that would force you to seek an emergency appointment with a dentist. In the meantime, you can curb the pain with an over-the-counter pain relief medication. The anti-inflammatory analgesics offer additional benefit of reducing the inflammation of the gum. Rinsing the mouth with warm saline solution may help to ease the toothache. Salt water is a natural disinfectant that kills bacteria responsible for your oral problems. Rinsing also helps to flush out food particles or debris trapped in between the teeth.

Oil of clove is a time tested home remedy for toothache. It contains eugenol, a chemical that numbs the nerve endings, thereby reducing the dental pain.

To reduce further dental problems before you visit your trusted dentist, avoid the affected area while eating.

However, none of the aforementioned emergency dental care solutions can provide permanent relief from the dental problem that triggers pain. Your dentist is the only person who can provide a permanent solution to your dental problem.

Emergency dental care for broken tooth

The excruciating pain that a person experiences after breaking a tooth is due to the exposed area or the dentin. If you are seeking for a temporary relief before visiting your trusted dentist, consider covering the exposed area with a sugar free gum. You might even find kits in your neighborhood drug store that covers exposed dentin. But this sealant can provide relief only for a day or two.

If you failed to preserve the broken pieces of the tooth, there is no need to worry. Your dentist can easily repair it with a crown. Root canal treatment is another popular option for covering the exposed area.

For more information on Emergency Dentistry visit Los Angeles dentist- Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS 443 N. Larchmont Blvd La Ca 90004 at 323 467 2777

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Hollywood Dentist For Healthy Teeth And Beautiful Smile

Modern dentistry has amalgamated the science of dental health with the art of aesthetic procedures to give a person the perfect smile. To receive the best dental treatment it is always advisable to visit a Hollywood dentist. With a clientele that boasts of several high profile people who have won many hearts with their lovely smile, there is no denying that a Hollywood dentist can easily meet most of your dental health and cosmetic dentistry related expectations.

Hollywood dentist for cosmetic dentistry

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the overall appearance of your dentures. Smile makeover is no longer the prerogative of the rich and the famous. A Hollywood dentist also caters to the common person who wants an attractive smile. Teeth that are otherwise healthy may be discolored by caffeine, cigarette smoke, red wine and certain medications. Your teeth may lose their sparkle with age. A Hollywood dentist uses the most advanced teeth whitening technology to restore the natural whiteness of the teeth in a short time.

To blend the artificial dentures with the natural dentures, a reputed Hollywood dentist uses the best quality porcelain veneers, crown and fillings whose color and texture closely resemble that of your natural teeth. Porcelain veneers encase cracked or broken tooth. It may be used for covering a severely stained tooth. Porcelain veneers are also used to give your uneven natural dentures a uniform appearance.

To preserve, repair and strengthen a damaged tooth, a reputed Hollywood dentist relies on porcelain crown. Extraction of decaying teeth is avoided through root canal procedures. Cavities are filled with white composite fillings that help to maintain the natural appearance of the dentures. However, when tooth extraction is unavoidable, your trusted Hollywood dentist makes sure that you can continue smiling with artificial teeth that are permanently attached to the jaw with the help of dental implants.

Dental bonding is ideally suited for filling gaps between teeth, covering metal filling, modifying the shape of a tooth, correcting crooked tooth, covering discolored teeth and repairing broken and cracked tooth.

Hollywood dentist for improving dental health

Maintaining a good dental health helps to rejuvenate your smile naturally. Besides brushing and flossing, routine dental checkups are essential for maintaining your sparkling smile. Your reputed Hollywood dentist also handles dental emergencies that may occur if you ignored your oral health care routine for a long time or encountered an injury.

Regardless of the nature of your dental problem, a Hollywood dentist can easily resolve all your dental woes.

For more information on Best Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles visit Los Angeles dentist- Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS 443 N. Larchmont Blvd La Ca 90004 at 323 467 2777 

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Get That Flawless Smile With A Smile Makeover

How many times have you wished for a more attractive smile? If you want to reinvent your smile with smile makeover treatment, simply walk into the clinic of a reputed dentist and within a short time you will walk out of your dentist’s chamber with a dazzling smile.

Given the far-reaching consequence of smile makeover, cosmetic dentistry has become one of the most important dental procedures for realigning crooked dentition, whitening teeth, replacing missing teeth and filling gaps in between teeth. The customized smile will boost your personality.

Different components of smile makeover

The smile makeover procedure is designed according to the individual dental requirements of a person. Before going for a smile makeover, you should know the different areas of smile makeover procedure.

Teeth whitening

Whitening the stained or discolored teeth is most popular component of smile makeover procedures. Regardless of age and gender, numerous people visit dentists each year for restoring the natural whiteness of the teeth. Despite availability of over-the-counter tooth whitening products and a bevy of home remedies, none can match the expertise of a cosmetic dentist in whitening the teeth.

Smile makeover with porcelain veneer

When the best teeth bleaching procedure fails to whiten severely discolored teeth, your dentist may use porcelain veneers to cover the stained teeth. Porcelain veneers easily fits over each tooth, giving you the perfect white teeth of your dream. Porcelain veneers are widely used in cosmetic dentistry for repairing chipped, broken or crooked tooth.

Closing spaces for smile makeover

When your smile is spoiled by the gaps between the teeth, you should seek the help of your dentist to close the gap with suitable bonding material. The bonding material easily blends with your natural dentition, giving you the perfect smile makeover that you have been aspiring for years.

Smile makeover with dental crown

Dental crown is one of the most important components of cosmetic dentistry. Made out of porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, metal or resin, dental crown is needed for supporting severely worn down tooth and restoring as well as protecting weak or broken tooth. Dental crowns are also used for covering stained teeth and correcting flaws in dentures.

Aligning crooked tooth for smile makeover

Reshaping the misaligned tooth is one of the most important disciplines of reconstructive dentistry. While wearing braces is the most popular option for correcting crooked teeth in children, advancement in cosmetic dentistry has created braces with special material that are hardly noticeable.

For more information on Tooth Whitening Los Angeles visit Los Angeles dentist- Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS 443 N. Larchmont Blvd La Ca 90004 at 323 467 2777

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For That Sparkling Smile Visit The Best Dentist Los Angeles Boasts Of

To succeed in life you need a pleasing personality and an attractive smile. And to get that perfect smile, you should get in touch with the best dentist. Los Angeles boasts of experienced dentists trained in the advanced dental procedures.

Best dentist in Los Angeles for treating gum disease

It is estimated that almost 95% of adult Americans suffer from some form of periodontal gum disease. Diagnosing and treating gum problems at the early stage prevents tooth loss. In addition to treating the periodontal gum disease, the best dentist in Los Angeles focuses on patient education to minimize the risk of further periodontal disorders.

Best dentist in Los Angeles for root canal therapy

Your best dentist in Los Angeles is also an endodontist or specialist in root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is performed to save a severely damaged tooth. Depending upon the severity of the infection, you may need two or multiple visits to complete the procedure. Root canal therapy is a painless procedure performed under local anesthesia. After filling up the root canal with appropriate filling material, the best dentist in Los Angeles seals the canal with a special material to prevent further infections.

Best dentist in Los Angeles for smile makeover

Smile makeover involves correcting imperfections in the denture. To give you an even smile, your best dentist in Los Angeles may consider modifying the shape, size and position of your teeth. Porcelain laminate dental veneers are usually preferred by the best dentist in Los Angeles for correcting abnormalities in the denture.

Best dentist in Los Angeles for dental implants

The best dentist Los Angeles boasts of considers dental implants as the best solution for holding artificial dentures in the gum. Made of titanium, the dental implants function as artificial tooth root. Your best dentist in Los Angles uses only the best quality FDA approved dental implants. They are safe, inert and are not rejected by the body.

Best dentist in Los Angeles for dental bleaching

The dental bleaching system used by the best dentist in Los Angeles is effective as well as safe. It rapidly removes stains from the teeth without harming the enamel. Usually the best whitening agent makes the teeth about two to three shades whiter. Occasionally, severely discolored teeth cannot regain its natural color even with the best teeth whitening treatment. In such an event, after bleaching the teeth, your best dentist in Los Angeles will cover the stained teeth with porcelain veneers to give you that perfect sparkling dentures.

For more information on Dentist In LA visit Los Angeles dentist- Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS 443 N. Larchmont Blvd La Ca 90004 at 323 467 2777

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Design Your Smile With A Cosmetic Dentist In Los


Few people are born with a perfect smile and others attain a smile to suit their personality with the help of a cosmetic dentist. Los Angeles is home to some of the top dental surgeons trained in the key areas of cosmetic dentistry. Designing a smile is considered a work of art and your cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles is the most accomplished artist in the field.

Services offered by a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles

A beautiful smile can boost the quality of your life. If you are not satisfied with your current dentures, seek an appointment with a reputed cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. After assessing your specific dental needs, your trusted cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles will recommend the different dental procedures for correcting your problems and enhancing your smile.

Dental implants

When you visit a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles with a missing tooth, your dentist will anchor a dental implant in the jaw to hold an artificial tooth in place. After surgically implanting a titanium dental implant that resembles the tooth root, your cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles will wait for about three to six months until the surgery site heals. After the healing phase, a porcelain crown, as a replacement for the missing tooth, is attached to the dental implant.

Dental bonding

The bonding material, that a reputed cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles uses for repairing broken teeth, modifying the length and shape of the teeth and filling up spaces between teeth, comprises of composite resin that is flexible as well as safe. It matches the natural color of the teeth, giving you a more even smile.

Porcelain veneers

When your natural dentition is not uniform, your trusted cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles may consider aligning the misaligned teeth with porcelain veneers. Porcelain is considered the best veneer material. Its color and texture easily blends with the natural dentures.

Porcelain crown

While porcelain veneers are more suitable for mild modifications in the denture, for major changes in the shape of your denture, your cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles may prefer porcelain crowns for your smile makeover.

Porcelain fillings

Your trusted cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles makes sure that the dental fillings used for treating cavities last a lifetime by using porcelain as the filling material. Porcelain filling is a superior alternative to the traditional mercury filling. It increases the strength of the tooth, easily blends with the natural tooth and seals the cavity, diminishing the risk of further decay.

For more information on hollywood dentist visit Los Angeles dentist- Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS 443 N. Larchmont Blvd La Ca 90004 at 323 467 2777

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Replace Your Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Teeth loss is a common problem. However, advancement in dentistry has ensured that a no one will lament for lost teeth and worry about managing artificial dentures. Dental implants are the best gifts that any person with missing teeth can expect to receive from a dentist. When inserted in the jawbone, a dental implant mimics the roots of a tooth, thereby supporting your artificial tooth for the rest of your life.

How are dental implants placed?

Only dentists trained in implant surgery can insert dental implants in the jaw. The procedure involves creation of precision channels in the jawbone for inserting the pure titanium dental implant. It takes about two to six months for the dental implants to fuse with the jawbone, after which your dentist undertakes the tooth restoration procedure.

Dental implants for replacing single tooth

For single tooth replacement, a device known as abutment that connects the implant to the crown is attached to the dental implant. Your dentist may attach the abutment to the implant while placing the implant in the jaw or he/she may carry out the procedure after the healing period. The crown is then cemented to the abutment and you have a new tooth that cannot be distinguished from a real one.

Dental implants for replacing multiple teeth

For replacing several teeth, multiple dental implants need to be inserted in the jawbone. After the surgery site heals, the dental implants are attached to permanent abutments. For replacing multiple teeth, usually customized bridges are screwed or cemented to the abutments. To replace your entire upper denture, you will need at least four dental implants. Two to six dental implants are usually needed to support all the teeth in the lower jaw.

Caring for dental implants

Good oral hygiene is not only essential for the health of the natural teeth, it is also necessary for maintaining the dental implants and the artificial denture cemented to the implants. Besides regular brushing and flossing, do not miss your date with the dentist.

Who is the right candidate for dental implants?

Currently dental implants are the best options for replacing lost teeth. However, the bad news is that despite their efficacy they are not suitable for everyone. Dental implant surgery can succeed only if your jaw has enough bones. Tooth loss is always followed by bone loss. Almost a quarter of the alveolar bones in the jaw are lost within a year after loosing the tooth. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the benefits of dental implants, visit your dentist immediately after loosing a tooth.

For more information on Best Dentist Los Angeles visit Los Angeles dentist- Dr. Arthur A. Kezian DDS 443 N. Larchmont Blvd La Ca 90004 at 323 467 2777

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The Best Dentist Los Angeles Offers For Beautiful Smile

Advanced dental procedures are performed by an experienced dentist. Los Angeles residents can find a dentist who is trained to treat a wide array of dental problems. In addition to solving your dental woes, your trusted dentist in Los Angeles can also give you the perfect smile makeover that you have been aspiring for years.

Different areas of expertise of a dentist in Los Angeles

Periodontal treatment

Most visitors to a dentist’s office come with periodontal problems. Your trusted dentist in Los Angles can handle all types of common as well as complicated gum problems. Common problems of plague and tartar accumulation are healed by flossing, cleaning and scaling. Your trusted dentist in Los Angeles will also give you necessary guidelines about oral care. Complicated periodontal problems might require surgical procedures and laser treatments for stopping recurrent gum problems.

Restoring damaged tooth

Extracting the precious tooth is a nightmare that can be avoided by visiting a reputed dentist. Los Angeles residents can save even a severely damaged tooth with the help of root canal treatment. During the procedure, your trusted dentist in Los Angeles will remove the infected tissues from the decaying tooth, irrigate the canal area to dislodge debris and seal the area. The area will then be covered by a crown that will restore, strengthen and protect the tooth.

Dental emergencies

Periodontal treatment and restoring damaged tooth are part of emergency dentistry. A part of the dental care schedule of your trusted dentist in Los Angeles is preserved for emergency dental care. Every day numerous people need emergency dental care for treating toothache, bleeding gum, oral infections and broken tooth. Dental emergencies may even crop up by losing artificial dentures or crown that cover the exposed nerve and dentin.

Cosmetic dentistry

For a pleasing appearance, you need a dazzling smile. Few people are blessed with stunning natural dentures, while others attain an outstanding dentition with the help of a dentist. Los Angeles is home to reputed dentists trained in cosmetic dentistry. Traditional cosmetic dentistry was limited to whitening discolored teeth. With advancement in dental technology, now we have a wide array of dental procedures that can manage every aspect of a smile makeover. All the imperfections, stains, cracks and gaps in your teeth can be covered with dental veneers and composite bonding. Dental implants will keep your artificial teeth in place. The structural abnormalities in the bones and muscles can be corrected with reconstructive surgery. Finally, you will boast of a mesmerizing smile.

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